The CounterPoint Solution

counterpoint-solutionYou CAN Build a More Profitable Business… In Less Time!

You’ve invested your time, money and energy in your business. You’ve worked long hours and took the personal risks that few are willing to take. You’re an entrepreneur and the “American dream” is within your reach. You just need the right tools that will help you grow your business without sacrificing your personal life.

The answer? A business tool that takes all the time-consuming work out of your hands while giving you the information you need to run your business.

Imagine a system that will:

  • Make it easy for you and your employees to provide a fast and accurate checkout experience for your customer
  • Guarantee that you always have the RIGHT inventory at the RIGHT time in the RIGHT quantities
  • Give you “dashboard” that monitors all the key performance indicators of your business
  • Put your email marketing on auto-pilot eliminating the need for multiple lists and programs
  • Provide an easy way to create an online store so you can tap into sales… across the country… around the world
  • Eliminate the tedious collection of accounting data while giving you bulletproof controls and audit trails – perfect for an absentee owner
  • Send you instant alerts when things “go wrong” in the store
  • Give you mobile sales ability for sidewalk sales, special events and “line busting” opportunities
  • Automate your purchasing activities so you’ll never run out of your “must have” items and lose valuable sales (and customers!)
  • Provide gift card processing without fees and outside costs
  • And, much more!

Sound too good to be true?

Let us introduce you to CounterPoint software from Radiant Systems.  CounterPoint gives you control over all the key parts of your business in one easy-to-learn, easy-to-use system.

CounterPoint software is the only solution on the market today that addresses the needs of today’s retailer in a seamlessly integrated manner:

  • Touchscreen point of sale – easy to learn and use… even for non-techies
  • Full inventory control – allows you to have just the right items in just the right quantities
  • Automated purchasing, receiving and barcoding
  • Management reporting that keeps you informed on all the key parts of your business
  • Integrated email marketing – consistent, easy and trackable
  • Build an ecommerce site over the weekend and start selling your products all over the world
  • Tools to “watch” your business (and employees!) when you’re not there
  • “Instant alerts” to keep you notified about the things most important to you
  • Mobile ticketing so you can sell your products from virtually anywhere

Want to know more?

Give us a call. We can send you a FREE information packet about CounterPoint, or if you’re ready to get started now we can schedule a personal demonstration of CounterPoint so you can see how it would work for you.

Click HERE for your free information packet, or pick up the phone and call (734) 453-9200. It’s free and it could be what you’ve been hoping for to give you control of your business and a chance to get what you’ve been working for – a better business and a better life.  Call today.