"My needs are complex. Are you sure WEO can do the job?"



operatorCorporate stationery can be a challenge. Difficult specifications. Slim margins. Demanding users. It takes a powerful, yet flexible tool to satisfy their requirements.

You'll find the WEO was designed for this environment. WEO has the features built in that will address even the most difficult tasks.

Features like:

  • Ease of use - WEO takes the user through the ordering process step-by-step. And it's available 24/7 - for their convenience.
  • WEO allows each customer to have their own ordering site - complete with their own branding. Brokers too!
  • Multiple products can be offered - business cards, envelopes, letterhead, memo pads, etc. Even non-stationery products.
  • WEO templates can be fully configured by you to enforce the unique corporate standards of your customer
  • Powerful 'replication' feature makes bringing up a new site a snap
  • Full security - only users YOU allow have access to WEO
  • Many time-saving features are included so your user can quickly place an order. Information can be pre-defined (and available through a drop-down box) or can be entered 'on the fly'.
  • Automatic email notifications can be sent when orders have been entered, approved, shipped, etc.
  • End-users can check the status of their orders online
  • WEO allows up to two (2) approval levels on orders - giving the customer (and broker) complete control over the ordering process.
  • Supervisors are notified that orders are waiting for their approval
  • Online proofing in seconds - allowing users to accept 'as-is' or make changes
  • Accepted orders will provide you with a file that is 'ready to print'
  • Links available to FedEx and UPS-Worldship to track orders
  • Optional backoffice accounting system available for billing, customer service, accounts receivable and management reporting. This powerful package was designed exclusively for the specialty printing industry.
  • And many more!


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