Accounting for Thermography ("AFT") - Order entry, accounts receivable, customer service and management reporting... the basics of a sound business. Our AFT software solution is all that - PLUS it's loaded with features specifically for specialty printers. Reprint reports, sales analysis, collection tools... the list goes on and on.
WEO - Web "Easy Order" - Printers everywhere are looking for an inexpensive online ordering solution to offer to their broker and direct corporate accounts. Look no further. WEO allows you to tap into the multi-billion dollar ecommerce marketplace. Most other online solutions have a high upfront cost PLUS on-going 'per click' fees. Not WEO. Use WEO and keep your profit margin.
The TOOL "Thermography Orders OnLine" - This simple solution allows your customers to view their account information on a safe and secure website. Just think of the calls that WON'T come into your shop - customers asking, "Did my order ship?", or "What's my account balance?" The TOOL - online customer service that saves you money.

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