Step 5: Specify your scrap, overhead and profit variables

  • All cost components are summarized on one, easy-to-read screen
  • Default values are automatically inserted from your Company definition
  • Each set of variables can be copied and and then changed for each quoted quantities
  • Hard tooling can be amortized over the quoted quantities or quoted separately
  • Material scrap % can be used to calculate a 'waste' cost
  • Labor efficiency can be input to compensate for new employees or "never done before" parts
  • Important cost elements are accounted for: Manufacturing burden, General & administrative (overhead) and commissions
  • The most important element - PROFIT - is also included. With QuoteMaster you never have to worry that it was left out!
  • Easily see selling price per piece, profit per piece, total quote amount and total profit
  • This screen is great for playing "what if..." to see how minor changes can impact on the bottom line!

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