Key QuoteMaster Features

  • Fast and easy to use - leads you step-by-step through the quoting process - no forgotten cost or profit components
  • Use our 'template quote' feature to create a new quote quickly by changing just a few parameters
  • Recall an old quote and make changes when the customer calls and asks, "Can you give me price for 1,000 pieces too?"
  • Create a pre-defined database for easy retrieval of customers, cost items (material, outside services, flat-fee outside services and tooling) and labor rates by work center. Helps maintain consistent pricing.
  • Quote up to eight (8) quantities simultaneously - play "what if..." to arrive at your best price
  • Unlimited operations with varying labor rates by work center provides maximum flexibility
  • Set-up and run times can be quoted in seconds, minutes or hours
  • Allows for unlimited tooling, material and outside service cost items
  • Amortize your fixed tooling costs over the quoted quantities or quote tooling as as separate amount
  • Cost items can be priced with breakpoints so your quote reflects vendor discounts when purchasing increasing amounts of raw material, perishable tooling, etc.
  • Outside services can be defined on a 'per piece' basis or as a flat fee (example: $40 per lot of 100)
  • Allows you to define percentages for: material scrap, labor efficiency, manufacturing burden (overhead), general/administrative expenses, commission and profit. Percentages can be based on selling price or manufacturing cost and can be adjusted for each quantity being quoted.
  • Automatic calculation of unit selling price, total selling price (based on quantity), total cost, total profit for each quoted quantity.
  • Define up to 5 decimal places for times, costs and percentages - results in highly precise calculations
  • Track quotes more accurately by using our user defined 'status codes'. Great for keeping score - how many quotes were Won, Lost, Submitted, etc.
  • Keep important quote history by using our user-defined 'reason codes' (example: price too high, poor delivery time, etc.)
  • Quote numbers can be assigned automatically for easy tracking - or can be manually assigned
  • Gives you the ability to define custom fields for quotes, customer information, cost information and labor centers. This allows you to customize QuoteMaster for YOUR unique requirements.
  • Lengthy notes can be entered on each quote. Great for logging customer contact history information and future reference data.
  • Powerful Microsoft Access database provides for simultaneous multiuser access in server-based network environments. Use Crystal Reports to create your own custom reports (optional).
  • Several standard reports - Quotes by Status/Quote by Sales Rep/Quote Detail/Quote List/Customer List/Cost Item List/Labor Center List
  • Requires Windows 95 or above

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