Purchasing & Receiving

purchasing-and-receiving-with-CounterPointPurchasing power at your fingertips!

Every retailer knows that the success of your sales activity is largely based on the product mix you offer in your store.

But, it can be a time-consuming process to generate the purchase orders needed to keep your store stocked with the right items in the right amounts.

It’s also a major headache to remember who you purchased your best-selling items from… and at what cost.

CounterPoint point of sale software for retail – Makes purchasing easy!

CounterPoint puts the power in your hands. Power to purchase the right items from the right vendors at the right price at the right time.

Counterpoint point of sale software can save you time and money by giving you purchasing advice based on:

  • Current inventory levels
  • Commitments
  • In-transit inventory
  • Backorders
  • Open PO’s
  • Desired stock levels
  • Vendors

You have the ability to create one-off manual purchase orders as well as the option of using the built-in purchasing advice tools that can eliminate hours and hours of purchasing activities.

Min/Max purchasing: Set it and forget it

Set your inventory minimums and maximums and CounterPoint can do the rest. CounterPoint lets you know when an inventory item falls below your desired level and can create a restocking order.

When you hit your maximum level and try to order more, CounterPoint will let you know that you already have enough in stock.

Perfect balance. Every time. Now you can relax, knowing you don’t have to constantly check inventory counts wasting hours of time and energy.

Days of supply: Let CounterPoint predict your inventory needs

By using the “days of supply” feature in CounterPoint you can predict your inventory requirements based on past sales history. Simply adjust up or down based on external factors (economy, promotions, etc.) and let CounterPoint create your purchase orders.

Multiple stores? No problem.

You can order and receive inventory for multiple stores. Purchase orders may originate at the main office yet be received at other locations. You can also receive inventory into your central warehouseto distribute.

Receiving and barcoding – automatically

One challenge every retailer faces is being able to get received inventory to the sales floor quickly, with the appropriate barcode labeling.

CounterPoint allows you to automatically generate the proper barcode label for the proper item when you receive your purchase orders into inventory. No extra steps. No hassle. No thinking.

Quick and accurate receiving is the backbone of having control over your inventory. Plus, if you’re using the accounting interface built into CounterPoint you can “push” your receiving document over to Accounts Payable – without re-entry of information. A great timesaver! Great point of sale software for retail!

Need more details?

To find out more about CounterPoint’s purchasing and receiving features, give us a call at 734-453-9200 or toll free at 855-243-8767.

What CounterPoint users say about purchasing and receiving…

“CounterPoint has allowed us to grow our business with critical information that is on time and accurate. Handling our multiple locations could not be done without it. We are now using [CounterPoint] more robustly in the area of purchasing, since CounterPoint houses sales, inventory, and accounts receivables. It is vital to our operations.”

Gail S. – Retail Business, Controller