CPOnline – your ‘instant’ ecommerce solution

CPOnlineCPOnline… put your business online – quickly and easily.

The world is waiting for your product!

Location is no longer a factor when it comes to selling your merchandise. Whether your customer is across town or halfway around the world, your product is within their reach!

CPOnline – an ecommerce and web-hosting service, is designed exclusively for merchants equipped with CounterPoint V7 and CounterPoint SQL retail point of sale systems from Radiant Systems.

CPOnline is quick and easy to set up, and with flexible configuration and powerful functionality, it is the perfect retail software to help you present your products globally. This online retail pos system will not only help you attract new customers, it will also enable you to increase sales from your loyal, established ones as well. Fully integrated with your Counterpoint system, CPOnline will save you time and money and provide a smooth, secure, headache-free online-shopping experience for your customers.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating your CounterPoint point of sale system with CPOnline:

Save time by eliminating double entry. Manage inventory, and maintain customer records and orders easily by using one point of sale software package for both your “brick and mortar” store and your ecommerce store. You no longer have to feel like you are operating ‘two stores’ and two sets of inventory records.

Confidently handle the marketing of your business by optimizing CPOnline’s built-in marketing tools. Promote your personal brand, and present your company logo, slogans, product images and company testimonials.

Notify your customers of upcoming specials and promotions with automated emails. Include links to the new and ‘on sale’ items in your storefront.

Offer your customers different payment options and ensure secure credit card transactions with safe and secure transaction verification.

Ship with ease using CPOnline software. FedEx, UPS and USPS customers can track their orders from your online site.

Increase sales by cost effectively opening your catalog of merchandise to the web. Enjoy higher profits by appealing to new customers who will soon learn about what your online store can offer.

The magic of CPOnline is that your customers can enter your store without even opening your front door. Welcome! C’mon in. Look around —

CPOnline … Simply brilliant!!

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