CPGatewayCPGateway… 2-second credit card authorizations!

There’s no need to keep the world waiting.

Waiting is stressful. The last thing your customers want to do is to stand in a seemingly endless line waiting to buy your product. Make it easy on them with CPGateway. In a flash, they can be on their way with their purchases, no patience required.

CPGateway is a payment processing solution that completes credit card transactions via the Internet… in a matter of seconds. And, this powerful capability is now at your fingertips. By extending the capabilities of your POS system and adding CPGateway you can offer your customers a better, faster shopping experience.

After entering the credit card information, either by swiping it using a magstripe card reader or by entering it manually, the CounterPoint system requests an authorization from CPGateway. CPGateway obtains authorization from your processor and rapidly passes it back to CounterPoint. Because CPGateway uses a high-speed connection via the Internet versus the traditional modem transmission, you can process your customer’s transaction in just two seconds. Two seconds! The exact amount of time it takes to say the two most important words you will ever say to your customers — thank you !

The beauty of CPGateway is the speed with which your customer can purchase your product and carry on with their everyday living. Statistics show that along with quality products at a fair market-value, customers want helpful, swift service. Partnering your point of sale system with CPGateway, allows you to provide a higher level of service. Service that keeps them coming back.

Authorizing credit cards, debit cards, EBT Food Stamps, Stored Value Cards and checks in just two seconds, CP Gateway is fast, secure and reliable.

Here are just a few of the features in CPGateway:

Uncomplicated setup, fast settlement, and unfailing security.

Compatible with CounterPoint V7, Counter Point SQL and CPOnline – all with real-time credit authorizations.

PCI-compliance for worry-free security. (Visa’s Cardholder Information Security Program safeguards cardholders from identity theft).

Multiple workstations utilizing a single high-speed, ‘always on’ Internet connection.

Automatic failover to dial-up if the high-speed connection is lost.

CPGateway will eliminate long checkout lines for you and will provide speed of service to your customer. It works seamlessly with your CounterPoint retail software and requires no special POS hardware.

Make all of your tomorrows smoother by getting started with CPGateway today!

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