Inventory Management

retail-inventory-managementInventory control can be a nightmare – Control it with CounterPoint POS system for retail

Inventory management can be one of those things that drive retail business owners crazy.

What to order? How much to order? When to order? It can be a lot to handle.

However, Counterpoint’s POS system for retail includes inventory management features that can make your job a lot easier and save you time… and money!

Maintain optimum inventory levels

When it comes to inventory management, you want the perfect balance. Not enough stock and you’re missing out on sales. Too much stock and your money is tied up on the shelves.
Counterpoint’s POS inventory management tools ensure your inventory levels are just right… avoiding “out of stock” situations while not tying up money that could be invested in other areas of your business.

Tools to analyze your inventory

CounterPoint provides powerful reports that allow you to monitor your inventory so you can quickly identify problem areas. Here are just a few of the inventory challenges you can identify:

  • Too much inventory
  • Too little of your “A” inventory items resulting in lost sales
  • The slow-movers that can really hurt your cashflow
  • Items that were once fast-movers but are now trending downward
  • Items that must be marked down in order to move them out
  • And much more!

Powerful inventory performance

You can also use CounterPoint to measure the performance of your inventory. With the click of a button you cans see:

  • Inventory turns – by store, by item, by department
  • Sell Through – quickly measure your sales velocity to see how your promotions are working
  • 6-week / 12-month analysis – instantly identify sales trends so you can take steps to capitalize on them

Reduce theft and shrinkage

Do you know how much money you’re losing due to theft each year? Most retailers don’t. Having an Using CounterPoint’s inventory management tools you can identify shrink problems and take steps to reduce them. This will put money in your pocket and help eliminate the irritation you feel when your customers (and employees!) are stealing from you.

In addition, we can provide video surveillance systems that are fully integrated with CounterPoint. Not only will these surveillance systems deter shoplifters and ungrateful employees, they can also enhance your ability to prosecute those you catch and you can also identify unacceptable employee behavior.

Hate counting your inventory? CounterPoint makes it easy!

With CounterPoint’s “physical count” feature you use inexpensive hand-held data collectors to quickly and easily count your inventory items and automatically report and correct any variances. Having an accurate inventory is the key to automating your purchasing activities.

Organized, efficient and profitable – A must have POS system for retail

As a business owner you have a lot on your plate. CounterPoint’s inventory management system can save you time and give you peace of mind. You’ll know your inventory is being purchased, stocked and sold in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

Need more details?

To find out more about CounterPoint’s inventory management feature, give us a call at 734-453-9200 or toll free at 855-243-8767.

What CounterPoint users say about inventory management…

“I always felt a little behind. My inventory mix really needs to change from season to season, so the ability to break things down by dates and months really helps. The reports help me see trends in sales like what items are selling well and how sales this year compare with prior years. This helps me put my money into the correct items and switch inventory and ordering away from areas that aren’t selling as well. It also helps me plan my orders for different times of the year, based on the ups and downs in the numbers.”

Peggy P. –  Retail Store, Owner

“CounterPoint has been an incredible tool for running and managing our operations – I have not overbought in five years. Before CounterPoint, it was the norm to see overbuying, instead of timely buying…”

Tucker M. –  Retail Business, Chief Financial Officer

“CounterPoint has been such a godsend. It’s helped us tame the inventory beast and really get our business under control.”

Gregory D. – Retail Store, Owner