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The Right POS Systems

POS systems have been around for several years now. As said before, any small or medium-sized business will benefit immensely from having a POS computer system installed. This allows the owner of the business to track inventory movement, analyze customer buying habits, monitor gift cards, audit all sale transactions and merchandise delivery, and many more functions. Ideally, this system must be customized to be able to satisfy and fulfill the specific requirements of that particular business.

If the system is installed correctly, the business owner will be able to monitor his or her business from the comfort of their home without ever having to make surprise visits or take unexpected inventories. In addition, the owner or store manager will be able to quickly locate those items that are the slow sellers, and eliminate markdowns.

Of course, the installation of POS systems means that not only will software have to be configured, but additional steps are required to guarantee the proper functioning of the system.

The Hardware POS System

Randall Data Systems will provide you with the POS software that you are looking for in a point of sale system and will be able to provide you also with the hardware POS system that you need.

In many cases we are replacing an older, obsolete system both POS hardware and POS software. If there is existing hardware in place we will make every effort to utilize this hardware so you can minimize your investment in new equipment.

Naturally, the best thing to do is to provide us with a list of your hardware POS system. We will review the list and make an appropriate recommendation.

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