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email-marketing-for-retailCustomer Connect – A powerful retail email marketing tool

Most retailers don’t do email marketing. Those that do… well they don’t do it very well.

First, they aren’t very consistent. They do it when they have spare time.

Therefore, it doesn’t happen very often and it’s not always clearly thought out.

Secondly, the way they do it is in a “one size fits all” fashion.

They sign up for an email service (Constant Contact, or iContact) and simply blast a message to the entire list. The ‘dog owners’ get the same message as the ‘cat owners’.

With CustomerConnect it’s different

CustomerConnect is the retail marketing tool you’ve been waiting for. You’ll have the perfect tool needed to effectively connect with your customers, drive sales and increase customer loyalty. It’s intelligent and powerful retail marketing.

Targeted emails – the perfect message at the perfect time

CustomerConnect allows you to automatically segment your email activity. No more “cat messages” to “dog owners”. Highly target messages that speak directly to what your customers need to know.

CustomerConnect also allows you to identify your ‘missing in action’ customers. Your MIA’s need to be contacted and brought back to you before they become a permanent loyal customer at your competitors store.

CustomerConnect allows you to put your “we miss you” campaign on auto-pilot so you don’t have to think about it. Anyone who hasn’t been in your store in the past 90 days can be ‘touched’ and reminded that you appreciate them and want them back. This is real marketing power!

Customer data all in one place

Each customer that is added to CounterPoint is automatically added to CustomerConnect, so you only have one customer list that is complete, accurate and highly targeted based on the metrics you feel are most important to you and your customer.

The biggest benefit of CustomerConnect: Track campaign performance!

It’s a well-know fact that, “you can’t improve what you don’t measure”. CustomerConnect gives you the ability to measure the effectiveness of every email campaign you design.

You’ll know how many messages went out. How many were opened. How many offers came into the store and resulted in sales.

CustomerConnect finally closes the gap between your POS activity and your email marketing activity… the tool EVERY retailer needs to maximize their marketing investment!

Put your email marketing on auto-pilot

Not only can you create your own emails, the software comes pre-loaded with “we miss you” and “welcome” notes that you can set to automatically launch.

Professionally-designed templates make email marketing easy!

Not a graphic designer? You’re not alone, and that’s why you have access to easy-to-use templates that make it a snap to customize emails with photos, logos and colors.

Need more details?

To find out more about CounterPoint’s CustomerConnect feature, give us a call at 734-453-9200 or toll free at 855-243-8767.

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What CounterPoint users say about CustomerConnect…
“Right now we have over twenty thousand email addresses. Any time we want to send something out, whether it is related to store sales or not, we can send a message to twenty thousand people in five or ten minutes.”

Martin L. – Retail Business, Management