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CounterPoint-ecommerce-for-retailCPOnline – POS for retail and ecommerce – A perfect marriage!

Don’t limit your sales to just your brick and mortar store. An online store allows you to reach beyond the limits of your four walls and tap into a global marketplace.

But, the mistake most businesses make is that they don’t select a POS vendor that offers a combined point of sale and integrated web store. The result? A heavy workload trying to maintain two databases, manually re-entering orders into the POS system so that inventory is correct.

CounterPoint and CPOnline solve the problem

With Counterpoint’s point of sale ecommerce software, CPOnline, you can put your business online quickly and easily. Not only will it increase your sales by attracting new customers to your catalog of products and services, your loyal in-store customers love having 24/7 access to your products.

CPOnline is quick and easy to set-up and fully integrated with your Counterpoint system. Now you can provide a smooth, secure, headache-free online-shopping experience for your customers while saving yourself time and money.

What CPOnline can do for you

Here are just some of the benefits of integrating your CounterPoint POS with CPOnline:

Save time by eliminating double entry – with CPOnline, you need only one software package for BOTH your brick and mortar store and your ecommerce store. No re-entering of item information or orders.

Promote and build your business’s brand – built-in marketing tools allow you to show off your company logo, slogans, product images and company testimonials

Keep your customers happy – offering different payment options and secure credit card transactions

Shipping is a breeze – CPOnline allows FedEx, UPS and USPS customers to track their orders from your online site.

Need more details?

To find out more about CounterPoint’s CPOnline feature, give us a call at 734-453-9200 or toll free at 855-243-8767.

What CounterPoint users say about CPOnline…

“Since we changed over to CPOnline, our Web sales have more than doubled.  I believe that the design of our Web site has a lot to do with that, as well as the user-friendly interface.”

Andrew D. – Retail Business, Director of Corporate Sales

“CPOnline has been the most exciting development for our business in years. I have had more fun running this aspect of the business than anything I’ve ever endeavored in. Even today, hundreds of tickets later, I still want to do cartwheels across the warehouse floor when I hear the infamous ‘You’ve Got Mail.’ The saying for my purposes should be, ‘You’ve Got a Sale!”

Tucker M. – Retail Business, Chief Financial Officer