Customer Loyalty

retail-customer-loyaltyPOS retail CRM and customer loyalty with CounterPoint

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

We hear it all the time…“Customers aren’t loyal anymore.”

“The Internet is killing my business.” “The ‘big box’ guys are giving their stuff away.”

It’s tough to compete in today’s global marketplace.

You need customers. Loyal customers. The right POS retail system can help.

Keep your customers coming back!

Every retailer knows that a good customer loyalty program can help you keep your customers… and keep them coming back.

In addition, a loyalty program allows you to develop deeper and longer-lasting relationships with your customers. Relationships that result in long-term profitability. Relationships that foster both word-of-mouth and social media marketing activities that cost you nothing.

Knowing your customer helps you market to them better

Another benefit of a good customer loyalty program is the ability to know the buying habits of your customers. How often they visit your store. How much they spend. What they spend their hard-earned money on.

This information can be used to create marketing programs that are custom fit to your customers. No more “one size fits all” programs, but a highly targeted approach to sending the right message to just the right customers that speaks directly to them… in the exact way they need to be reached.

The result: happier, more loyal customers that are begging to give you their business because no one knows them better.

Need more details?

To find out more about CounterPoint’s customer loyalty features, give us a call at 734-453-9200 or toll free at 855-243-8767.

What CounterPoint users say about the customer loyalty feature…

“Knowing your customer is key to the success of any business. Customer tracking has been crucial for us. The ability to quickly add a customer into the system has helped a lot.”

Brian O. – Retail Business, Manager of Information Systems

“What I’ve discovered is that CounterPoint is designed to cover all aspects of a business. We’re small, but we’re able to compete with much larger distributors because we offer great customer service. We bend over backwards to keep our customers happy. CounterPoint helps us keep our customers happy.”

Donna F. – Retail Business, Owner