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You own a point of sale system. Now what?
Once you've made an investment in your business by selecting a good combination of hardware and software, now what? The next step is the most important: getting the necessary professional services that you need. Services like:

Success in implementing a point of sale system is a matter of doing a lot of little things right. Like the proper installation of your hardware. We pride ourselves in making sure that your installation plan is well thought out and covers all the necessary bases.

Knowing what your software is capable of is very important in the roll out of your system. Your employees must understand what features are available and how they can be used to collect the necessary information you are looking for when it comes time to properly analyze your business activity. We make sure you and your employees are comfortable with your CounterPoint installation and setup.

Sometimes you need a little more than the reports and base functionality found in the software. That's where we come in. We can help you 'data mine' CounterPoint in ways that are unique to your business... and the vision you have for your business.

Ongoing support
If we've done our job up to this point you will become self-sufficient. But, there may be that 'special time' when you need a little help. We have ongoing support plans that provide for these special needs... right when you need them.

We strive to provide you with excellent support. Our staff has been fully trained in the operation and support of your CounterPoint software and we are ready when you need us. And because your need for help doesn’t always end at 5:00pm on weekdays, nor does our availability.

We offer a full range of support options that provide for after-hours access to our trained technicians. Quality support – when you need it… an important ingredient for a successful operation.


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