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Starting a new business can be a challenge. You need every advantage to be successful. The key is having the proper tools that will help you monitor every aspect of your business. In retail, information is king!

While this can be achieved using paper and a pencil, you cannot possibly inspect every detail of your business while concentrating on the management of it as well. Therefore, you need the help found only in a POS software system.

But, which POS software system is right for YOUR business? There is little or no benefit from a software package that only reads, captures, and stores sale transactions. This type of point of sale system is nothing more than an expensive cash register. You need to have a more powerful solution that will allow you to analyze, report, and control every aspect of your business. That’s why Counterpoint software is the choice of thousands of retailers today.

Counterpoint Software to the Rescue!

Counterpoint software will allow you to quickly monitor all key aspects of your business… using the information stored inside the computer. This is achieved by quickly and easily recording every sale transaction that is performed each day in your business. With this information in hand you can:

  • Know your “best selling” items
  • Know your best customers
  • Track employee productivity
  • Control discounts, returns and “no sales” – profit robbers
  • Analyze sales by time of day, day of week, etc.
  • Sell and redeem gift cards
  • Implement loyalty programs that can cause your sales to skyrocket, and much more!

Automated Inventory Management System: Big Key

Inventory is your one asset that requires the most attention. Too much inventory will cause cash flow problems. Too little will result in lost sales. The wrong mix of inventory will hinder sales and cause customers to shop elsewhere. New inventory will keep your store looking fresh. Old inventory can only be sold when marked down – resulting in lower profits. The proper automated inventory management system will help you keep on top of this most important aspect of your business.

An automated inventory management system, like CounterPoint, can also save you time and effort. The days when you needed your employees to stay for long hours doing inventory, counting items, or sifting through almost unreadable inventory spreadsheets are a thing of the past. At least, they are if you're using an automated inventory management system that is tailored to satisfy your specific needs.

CounterPoint – the perfect POS software system for retailers. Give YOUR business the CounterPoint advantage. Give us a call and we’ll show you how a POS software system can improve your business.

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